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|| Lyrics Below ||

[ “Don’t Waste My Time!” ]

… Please, don’t waste my time! [My Time]
No, No, No!

[1st Verse]

I’ve been in one place for a [long … long time]
Been waiting right here for a [long … long time]
Oooo, yes! I’ve prayed for a [long … long time]
Oooo, but i’ve also been afraid for a [long … long time]

I don’t wanna give my heart to you and you not be “the one”
I’d rather be by myself
It ain’t gon’ do me no good to be thinking ‘bout you while you thinking ‘bout somebody else
See, I don’t wanna fall in love, and I don’t wanna give my all to something that ain’t gon’ work
I’d rather wait patiently on God to bring the one that’s best for me

I don’t need you wasting my time …

[Chorus ]
My Time (4x’s)

[2nd Verse]

I can’t make you mine [ If we fight more than we love each other ]
Won’t even bother with you [ If we can’t communicate with one another ]
Would you expect me to stay if that were the case?
I wouldn’t even want to take a chance!

I need someone that I can: Talk to | Pray with | Depend on … & Grow with
So, would you have my back like you say?
Can you “hold me down” like you say?
Would you really stick through it all like you say?
If you can’t, then I don’t need you to stay, so …

Chorus (4x’s)
My Time …

[Lead]: -Yeah … don’t need you wasting my time | Do do do do (scat) don’t want you wasting, yea!
- Don’t waste my time, yea!
- (Scat)
- Yea yea yea … why? (WooHoooo, My God!)
- I said you ain’t gon’ waste it, cause God won’t let you waste it, yea!
- Ge ge ge ge ge ge get out my way!

[Background]: Long … long time! (Repeat - Out)


- Ooooo | Oooo, why? | I’m ready to move forward | Don’t want to do it all again | Oooo, why?

Thank you for listening …